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 === Our Proposal: === === Our Proposal: ===
-framework which allows to pick sensors, tools, statistical methods, standardsand models to support decisions and understanding in geospatial applications at multiple scales.+The understanding of complex environmental phenomena, such as deforestation and epidemics, requires observation at multiple scales. This scale dependency is not handled well by today'​s rather technical sensor definitions. For instance, to understand the impact of deforestation on the local fauna, it is necessary to track the path of individuals as well as the path of populations within a biotope. Movement patterns of individuals reveal information about change in territory and foraging, while the changed behavior of one population impacts the behavior of others. At the scale of the animal population, a sensor network should produce a single trajectory based on the tracks of the individual animals. Current definitions of sensors, sensor systems, and sensor networks are too technical to capture these abstractions of observations. For this reason, a framework which allows to pick sensors, tools, statistical methods, standards and models ​will be developed ​to support decisions and understanding in dynamic ​geospatial applications at multiple scales. ​The basis for the framework will be an algebraic specification for sensors at different scales. Based on this algebraic specification,​ different meaningful abstraction levels of sensor data will be identified. To enable the retrieval and composition in or between the different abstraction levels, an ontology of processes and data sources will be elaborated. Additionally,​ statistical methods supporting the conversion between the different abstraction levels and the assessment of uncertainty will be developed. 
 Practical outcome: cookbook. Practical outcome: cookbook.