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-==== "​Incorporating illegal behaviors into Brazilian Amazon land use change models"​ ==== 
-The most import drivers of the Amazon land occupation are economical activities related to the international market of commodities (beef, grains and timber), the extractivism (animals, plants, fruits), the local market, the subsistence agriculture,​ the miner market, and the housing market. Besides most of these activities are legal and are regulated by laws that attempt to make them sustainable,​ a great part of these activities are illegal and have a huge impact on the regional economy and land system structure. Actors involved on this black economy include farmers, wood loggers, settlers, grileiros, traffickers,​ killers, govern corrupted institutions or authorities. We do believe that incorporating these illegal actors and activities into Brazilian Amazon land use change models is an important issue. ​ This way, a lot work has to be done in order to provide answers for the following questions: What are the legal and illegal activities and actors involved in the land occupation process at the Brazilian Amazon? How to simulate negotiation and corruption for land appropriation?​ What are the alternative scenarios for corruption mitigation? 
-SANTOS JÚNIOR, R. A. O. . The drug trade, the black economy and society in Western Amazonia. International Social Science Journal, EUA, v. 169, 2001.