Saving/Loading your Decision Tree

This page explains how to Load and Save your decision trees in GeoDMA.

Saving your tree

When performing your classification using decision trees, select the desired attributes, the training labels, and the type of objects to be classified (Polygons or Cells). Then, prior to the classification, check the option “Save Decision Tree”.

Then press “Classify”. When your classification have finished, you will be prompted to save your decision tree. Select the file name and place, then press “Save”.

If you open this file in a text editor, you will see something like this:

rc_mean_2 <=  71.9  -> trees
rc_mean_2 >  71.9 
|   rc_mean_0 <=  131.9 
|   |   rc_mean_0 <=  85.3  -> pools
|   |   rc_mean_0 >  85.3  -> streets
|   rc_mean_0 >  131.9 
|   |   rc_mean_2 <=  126.2  -> roofs
|   |   rc_mean_2 >  126.2  -> streets

You can also create your trees “by hand”, check this tutorial.

Loading your tree

If you already have a decision tree, even from different classifications, you can load it and classify new data.

In the Classification tab, select the type of objects that you are classifying (Polygons or Cells, in red), and select the “DECISION_TREE” algorithm.

Click “Load Decision Tree”, in blue.

Remember that you must have already extracted the same attributes that your tree uses, as well as you must have defined the same class names. After this, click “Classify”, and see your results.

Cool! Now you know how to load and save your decision trees!

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