Creating Cells

This page has an example of how to create a cellular space to use inside GeoDMA.

The first thing is to click in the menu “Info Layer”, than “Create Cells…” option.

In the window “Creation of a Layer of Cells”, you must define some parameters for the cellular space:

  • Reference Layer: the cellular space will be created in the same region as the selected layer.
  • Option “Polygons”, in red: only create cells where there is also polygons. This operation reduces the amount of cells.
  • New Layer Resolution (X, Y), in green: select the resolution of your cells, in both directions.
  • New Layer Name, in blue: the cellular space name to be created.

The system will ask you if the number of cells to be created are correct. If you agree, press Yes. After, create one Theme for the cellular space, and see your results. If you selected the “Polygons” option, then the result will be similar to the following image.

Yes, now you know how to create your cellular space to use with GeoDMA!

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