TerraAIDA Operator Development

This is an auxiliary document to help developers to be able to build their own InterIMAGE operators by reusing the base of functions/classes built by the TerraAIDA developers team.

InterIMAGE interaction

This topic describes the interaction mechanism between the InterIMAGE engine core and an operator. It provides only the minimum set of details required by a TerraAIDA operator. More detailed information can be found at the InterIMAGE main site.

InterIMAGE analysis scheme
  • The semantic network
  • The top-down analysis step
  • The bottom-up analysis step
Operator interface
  • Operator execution environment
  • Operator description file (.OP)
  1. Operator action region bounding box
  2. Action region mask file (optional)
  3. Output result label image
  4. Output result hypothesis description XML file
  5. Other auxiliary parameters

TerraAIDA aperators auxiliary classes and functions

This topic describes the base of functions/classes built by the TerraAIDA developers team to allow the proper interpretation of the parameters received from the InterIMAGE engine core to a TerraLib programming environment. Only a few set of TerraLib features will be described. For more information please consult the TerraLib site.

TerraLib interaction
  • TerraLib matricial support
  • TerraLib vectorial support
Project structure
  • Directory disposition
  • Platform compilation issues
  • Testing support (experimental)
Operators base library
  • Classes and hypothesis support data structures
  • Support functions

A simple operator building example

This topic describes a simple operator build example using the TerraAIDA support.

Just like in creating_operators but much more simple. Maybe we could build a simpler operator an keep it inside the CVS repository too.