GeoDMA - Geographic Data Mining Analyst

GeoDMA is a toolbox for integrating remote sensing imagery analysis methods with data mining techniques producing a user-centered, extensible, rich computational environment for information extraction and knowledge discovery over large geographic databases.


Release TerraView Version Date Download link Release Notes
Releases compatible to TerraLib 5 → watch 30sec video (below) to learn how to install GeoDMA 2.0.0
GeoDMA 2.0.0 beta source-code 5.4.0 Nov, 21, 2018 geodma-develop-2018-11-21-11-03.tar.gz This file contains ONLY THE SOURCE-CODE for version 2.0.0. To download the latest source-code please check 'Building and Configuring GeoDMA'.
GeoDMA 2.0.0 beta 5.3.3 Aug, 29, 2018 geodma-2.0.0-beta-setup.exe This is the first beta version, compatible to the original TerraView
GeoDMA 2.0.0 alpha 3 5.3.1 May, 7, 2018 geodma-2.0.0-alpha3-setup.exe This is an alpha version, compatible to the original TerraView
GeoDMA 2.0.0 alpha 2 5.2.2 Nov, 6, 2017 geodma-2.0.0-alpha2-setup.exe This is an alpha version. It requires a specific version of Terraview 5, downloadable from this link
GeoDMA 2.0.0 alpha 5.2.1 June, 14, 2017 geodma2.0.0-alpha_setup.exe This is an alpha version. It requires a specific version of Terraview 5, downloadable from this link
Releases compatible to TerraLib 4
GeoDMA 0.2.2a 4.2.2 December, 07, 2015 install_geodma-0.2.2a.exe
GeoDMA 0.2.2 4.2.2 March, 27, 2014 install_geodma-0.2.2.exe This is the first version GeoDMA installer, compatible with TerraView 4.2.
GeoDMA 0.2.1 4.0.0 April, 12, 2011
GeoDMA 0.2.0 4.0.0 March, 17, 2011 This is the first version compatible with TerraLib 4.
Releases compatible to TerraLib 3
GeoDMA 0.1.9 3.5.0 November, 05, 2010
GeoDMA 0.1.8 3.5.0 October, 21, 2010
GeoDMA 0.1.7 3.5.0 August, 04, 2010
GeoDMA 0.1.6 3.4.0 May, 26, 2010
GeoDMA 0.1.5 3.3.1 May, 11, 2010
GeoDMA 0.1.4 3.3.1 March, 11, 2010
GeoDMA 0.1.3 3.3.0 October, 29, 2009
GeoDMA 0.1.2 3.3.0 September, 16, 2009
GeoDMA 0.1.1 3.3.0 August, 27, 2009
GeoDMA 0.1.0 3.3.0 July, 31, 2009
GeoDMA 0.0.9 3.2.0 May, 12, 2009
GeoDMA 0.0.8 3.2.0 April, 7, 2009
GeoDMA 0.0.7 3.2.0 April, 7, 2009 This is considered the first version published at

How to install GeoDMA in TerraView 5?

It is easy and straightforward. After downloading/installing TerraView 5 in your computer, follow the instructions of this 35 seconds video:


The toolbox integrates the following techniques:

  • image segmentation
  • feature extraction and selection
  • classification
  • landscape-based metrics
  • multi-temporal methods for change detection
  • spatial data mining with decision-tree based strategies
  • simulation methods to accuracy assessment

GeoDMA is developed in C++ under the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) foundation, and works as a plugin for TerraView GIS.


GeoDMA has already been used to classify deforestation dynamics in Brazilian Amazonia.

GeoDMA works also with high spatial resolution urban imagery.

The system's workflow is the following:


  • Thales Sehn Körting, project manager
  • Leila Maria Garcia Fonseca
  • Emiliano Ferreira Castejon


  • Maria Isabel Sobral Escada
  • Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro

External Partners

  • Marcelino Pereira dos Santos Silva
  • Alexandre Noma

Source-code contributions

  • Raian Vargas Maretto
  • Márcio Azeredo
  • Alexandre Copertino Jardim
  • Maurício de Paulo
  • Ewerton Ribeiro




  • GeoDMA: A toolbox integrating data mining with object-based and multi-temporal analysis of satellite remotely sensed imagery. - PhD thesis in Remote Sensing program (INPE) from Thales Sehn Körting, presented in August, 20th, 2012.
  • Classification of remote sensing images with GeoDMA - Geographic Data Mining Analyst (pdf) - Presentation at the “Short Meeting with Prof. Randolph Franklin”.
  • Interpreting Images with GeoDMA ppt - Presentation at GEOBIA 2010.
  • GeoDMA - discovering patterns from spatio-temporal data (pdf) - Presentation at the “Mini-Colloquium with Dr. Max Egenhofer”.
  • Geographical Data Mining - Presentation at the “Joint Research Seminar - GISciente for Dynamic” (ppt)


How to reference software GeoDMA in your paper?

GeoDMA <version number>. São José dos Campos, SP: Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE), 2011. Available at <>. Accessed in yyyy/mm/dd.

Articles about GeoDMA

Articles using GeoDMA

If you have some paper whose results were produced with GeoDMA, please share with us.

For GeoDMA 0.2 and previous versions

Source Code

GeoDMA is free software, developed using TerraLib library. It works as a plugin for TerraView, also free software. If you want to download the source code of GeoDMA, try the following:

  • Download TerraLib 4, TerraView and GeoDMA sources using SVN
  • Use Cmake to create your building files (Windows or Linux)


We are currently using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with QT 3.2 to compile GeoDMA in Windows, and gcc to compile in Linux. More information about compilation issues, please visit